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The license 24-0227 from 4.07.2000 of Ministry of Education of Russian Federation
The School of Economics Institute invites managers of enterprises, interested in raising the level of professional skills, to take part in seminars on "Management Accounting" and "Electronic Commerce and Business on the Internet"
The Certificate of the School of Economics Institute and the St. Petersburg State University of Economy and Finance on the improvement of professional skills will be awarded to students who sucessfully complete the course.

List of our clients
Organization of the administrative account at the enterprises. The administrative account in a control system.
Kinds of information used in the management account.
Calculation of expenses in conditions of instability of assortment and fluctuations of volumes of manufacture (business situation).
Analysis of expenses for acceptance of short-term decisions.
Construction of system of the budgets of the enterprise (business situation).
The strategic management account.
Dataware of quality management.
New methods of estimation of overall performance of divisions and of the enterprise as a whole.

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Introduction courses:
Network the Internet - development and applications
The basic technologies of a network in the Internet
Introduction to electronic commerce
The Internet - marketing
Models and strategy of the Internet - business
Information management:
The modern theory and practice of management
Management of projects in the field of information technologies
Business - planning of Internets - projects
Estimation of information projects
Information systems in company management
Information systems of the enterprise and electronic business:
Automation of the enterprise
Information systems in logistics
Electronic payment systems and finance on the Internet
Protection of information
The Internet and law
Practical training:
Creation of a web-site - practical work
Development of an Internet project - practical work
The successful Russian Internets - projects - set of minicases
Automation of a financial system of the enterprise

More about the program
More about the teachers
To address: Popova Olga Vladimirovna
To send the application: skills@ise.spb.ru
Telephone (812) 108-7674, 269-4686; a fax (812) 108-7673
We shall be glad to see you among our students!



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