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Secondary education

Developing secondary economic education is one of the fundamental activities of ISE. We believe that the basics of economics and business should be laid down in senior classes at secondary school.
Our priorities in this field include three main principles: (1) emphasising the role of critical evaluation rather than the rote learning; (2) stressing the value of cooperative learning; (3) highlighting the interacting connections between all social science subjects: economics, history, geography, politics.
Secondary School No. 296 in St. Petersburg has been our main partner in this activity since 1992. We designed the curriculum for economics and business subjects, trained and recruited teachers, provided funds for their salaries and for learning materials.
Now we are going to start new educational project - the Adam Smith School, which will include only four senior classes (age 14-17) and have the following features:
    In-depth courses in Economics, Business and Mathematics.
    Extensive learning and use of the English language.
    Close partnership with secondary schools in Scotland (UK).

Learn more about this project here.



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