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Joseph Alois Schumpeter
History of Economic Analysis
Translation from English into Russian edited by V.S. Avtonomov
Vol. 1. LVI + 494 pp.
Vol. 2. VIII + 494 pp.
Vol. 3. ...
"History of Economic Analysis" is the book of the Austrian outstanding economist Joseph Alois Schumpeter. This book has become the classic of history of economics. Its uniqueness is in breadth of scope (from Plato and Aristotle up to Keynes) which is combined with depth and originality of the analysis and the personal attitude to all authors and schools mentioned in the huge text.
First of all the book is devoted to development of engineering of the economic analysis. The author also describes a historical context of this development, evolution of other social studies and public idea as a whole, becoming of economists as scientific community. In comparison with other books on the history of economic thought this work in much more degrees highlights development of the economic theory in the countries of continental Europe.
"History of Economic Analysis" is necessary for each economist - researcher and the teacher of any economic discipline. The book can be used for out-of-class work of university students on a history of economic idea, microeconomics, macroeconomic, the theory of the finance and by many others.




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