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Paul Milgrom, John Roberts
Economics, Organization and Management
Textbook in two volumes
Russian translation edited by I.I. Yeliseeva and V.L. Tambovtsev
V.1-468 pages., V.2-422 pages.
The textbook represents the first systematic account of economic theory of enterprise management in Russian. Unlike practically all translated and Russian textbooks on management which only indirectly rely on modern economic theory, economic issues arising in managers work are analyzed in the P. Milgrom and J. Roberts book with the help of strict mathematical models conforming to main trends of economic science.
The book consecutively covers common problems of economic organization, different mechanisms of personnel activities coordination, issues of contracts conclusion, incentives and motivation in work activity, organization of labor relations in firms, methods of analysis of financial decisions which manager has to make, and also issues of organizational development of a firm.
The book is furnished with examples and tasks on every course section. Owing to the fact that the book is methodically well thought-out it may be successfully utilized as a school-book in higher economic schools while studying advanced courses on microeconomics, theory of firm, industrial organization and also in master programs on management and economics.




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