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Второй конкурс англо-русско-английского экономического перевода им. А. В. Аникина

Задания 2-го тура

2-й тур проводился в дистанционном режиме, задания рассылались участникам по электронной почте. На выполнение задания отводилось ровно 2 часа + 15 минут на решение проблем со связью и почтой. Задание состояло из следующих 20 предложений, которые было необходимо перевести на русский язык.

Версия для печати (2005_2.rtf).

  1. Open field farmers shared communal farm tools.
  2. A poll tax is necessarily regressive.
  3. High inflation may cause a flight from money.
  4. Many observers argue that e-cash is likely to disintermediate banks.
  5. A consumer advocacy group seeks to force a ban on sales of the antidepressant X
  6. The deadweight loss of using a tax on labour income instead of a lump-sum tax was only about 2.5% of the revenue raised.
  7. Moreover, in countless articles, he has made recent developments in mathematical economics accessible to literary economists.
  8. If there is a default on a co-signed loan you will be responsible for paying all outstanding debt.
  9. Slavery was well-adapted to "effort-intensive" activities such as mining and sugar production, but not to "care-intensive" assignments such as olive oil, wine, and animal husbandry.
  10. The most widely advocated remedy for fiscal drag is the indexation of tax thresholds.
  11. When it comes to the incentives to work and to save, it is difficult to see how fiscal neutrality can be achieved.
  12. When a secured creditor has taken the required steps to perfect his lien, the lien is senior to any liens that arise after perfection.
  13. We must avoid common problems with data mining or data dredging that result in overfitting and failure of the predictive model to validate new subjects.
  14. Another useful distinction is between quote-driven and order-driven trading mechanism.
  15. We can not distinguish class dealignment from class realignment or from compositional changes within a class.
  16. The entry into the WTO will exert an impact on the traditional trades in China by breaking up the original employment pattern.
  17. Affirmative action may mean affirmative recruitment, in which an employer or organization makes special efforts to recruit and reach out to women and minorities.
  18. Debates about housing classes and collective consumption during the 1960s and 1970s led some sociologists to claim that consumption-based, rather than production-based, cleavages are of increasing significance.
  19. The underlying values parecon seeks to implement are equity, solidarity, diversity, and participatory self management.
  20. When the retailer`s opportunity cost of shelf space is known, full-line forcing, brand discounts, and maximum resale price maintenance are sufficient to achieve the monopolist manufacturer`s first best profit.

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